What are you looking at?
(during yoga practice..)
Learn EXACTLY where to look 
(a sneak peak of "Drishti" or eye gaze - one of the "Essentials"
Whether you are BRAND NEW TO YOGA, TEACHING FOR 10 YEARS, or PRACTICING AT a studio DAILY, this “ESSENTIALS” package is PERFECT for you.

How do we know that? Because for 30 years, these “Essentials” have informed the yoga practices of 1000s of people. YOU WILL NOT find them anywhere outside the It’s Yoga® System. They are unique and were channelled by our Founder, Larry Schultz (1950-2011) who was the beloved GRATEFUL DEAD'S yoga instructor. 

Cool right? Yup, very cool. 

The It's Yoga® Essentials ONLINE Course
Video modules  |  pdf manual    |    Support group 
Absolute Beginner
Has someone asked you recently, “have you tried yoga?” and you felt that pull from inside, “no, but I want to” and then, “I have no idea where to start.”

Seasoned Teacher
Or maybe you’re even teaching yoga, and are looking for new ways to keep yourself & your students coming back for more - to ensure you are all SAFE & EFFECTIVE! 
 If you are teaching, are you teaching what you practice???

Devoted Student
Perhaps you are an avid yoga practitioner, going to the studio, doing your practice at home sometimes, but not feeling all the juicy, “i feel so peaceful” - or even WORSE - or you come off your mat with MORE discomfort in your body?

Well, we heard you, and put together this ESSENTIALS Online Course with all you need to do the “minimum” and receive the “maximum.” 

 This is our Minimum Daily Requirement Routine
 - Sun Salutations - 
with tools that will support you in actually DOING it, 
and DOING it well.

Targeted Content

Over 30 years of implementation in teacher trainings worldwide warrant this targeted approach into the foundations of this course.

Out of the Box Ready

click on the weblink, bookmark the page and have full access to videos and pdf manual - FOR LIFE!

Mobile Responsive

4K HD Quality video that will adapt to your bandwidth without hiccups, wherever you are

Simple and Elegant

Plain visual layout and precise instruction from Marie Russel, Director & Lead Teacher Trainer of It's Yoga International 
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This is what our students have said about the It's Yoga® Essentials package
Marie ❤ I have been meaning to send you a message.
 1) I love practicing with you everyday. 
2) 25 minutes is perfect and everyone should have 25 minutes to connect 
3) no one and I mean no one ever explained the moves and the breath and the bandhas to me. I knew them from reading but these back to basics videos are exactly what I needed. 
4) you are so beautiful and wow you move with so much ease. 
5) I find I am mostly 4 4 tempo. I struggle with 8. I find I don’t have enough air going in. And now I am so conscious of the "in equals the out" and the way you explain it makes perfect sense ."

Julie Milinazzo
"This is the ultimate health management system" 
Larry Schultz, founder of It's Yoga®
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